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Orthodontic Care for People of All Ages in Kitchener and Waterloo

Orthodontics involves the gentle movement of teeth over time into a more desirable position. Several different techniques can be used to achieve this result. Brackets can be affixed to the teeth and guided by a wire into proper position. Invisalign utilizes a series of removable clear trays to achieve the same results. Following active treatment a retainer is used to maintain the correct over time.

Straightening teeth has many benefits, like improved oral hygiene, realigned bite and increased confidence from a beautiful smile.


Dr. Degen has taken numerous comprehensive orthodontic courses. This enables him to provide general practitioner orthodontic care for many types of malocclusions (misalignments). Complex cases can also be identified and referred to an orthodontic specialist if required.

Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign® treatment consists of a series of clear plastic, removable aligners that shape your smile, without discomfort. Benefits of using Invisalign aligners and appliances include:

Transparent aligners provide a highly aesthetic option for tooth movement
Aligners are removable for easier hygiene and eating
Require fewer visits during the course of treatment
Less bulky and more comfortable than fixed brackets

Teeth Alignment and Braces

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