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Trusted General Dentistry Services in Kitchener and Waterloo

We use the latest materials technology and techniques in the restoration of our patients dentition.

Placement of white dental filling material allows us to replace decayed or fractured tooth structure with a long lasting aesthetic restoration.

In instances where a tooth has been heavily restored and is structurally compromised a crown becomes the best option to provide increased strength and integrity. We have several different material choices for crowns depending on individual structural and aesthetic demands. Commonly an entirely tooth coloured material called zirconium is utilized. This material provides an excellent combination of strength and beauty. These crowns can be essentially indistinguishable from a natural tooth.

Root canal (endodontic) treatment is sometimes necessary to alleviate discomfort arising from a painful tooth or infection. Treatment involves the disinfection of the nerve chamber in the middle of the tooth. A rubber material is then placed inside the tooth to seal the chamber and help prevent reinfection. This procedure eliminates pain and permits a return of normal function. Following root canal treatment a crown is often placed to reinforce the tooth. Often the tooth will provide many years of service and eliminates the need to have the tooth removed to resolve symptoms.

We help you with the following

Dental cleaning
Dental extractions
Root canals

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