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Dental Care a Call Away

Find the right dental solutions across a range of oral issues, with Dr. Al Martinez & Dr. Shayne Degen.

Over 25 years perfecting the art and science of Dentistry

Your Family Dentist in Kitchener and Waterloo

As a family dental office, we provide care to patients of all ages across a wide range of dental services. We combine modern dental technologies with a gentle approach. We are welcoming new patients.

Range of Dental Services for Total Oral Health

At Dr. Al Martinez & Dr. Shayne Degen, you get dental care derived from years of dental practice. With the right blend of experience and understanding of dental and oral problems, our doctors help guide you through your treatment, with the correct course of action for your oral health! This includes orthodontic and implant services. Here’s a look at our dental services:

Emergency Dental Treatments

Patients across Kitchener and Waterloo now have access to safe and reliable emergency dental services with Dr. Al Martinez & Dr. Shayne Degen. We recommend those in need of an urgent dental consultation not delay visiting a dentist. Delay can lead to further consequences that include complex procedures, higher costs, all while patients end up facing more pain and discomfort. Get immediate and emergency treatment options with Dr. Al Martinez & Dr. Shayne Degen.

Professional Affiliations

Certified Invisalign Provider

Implant reconstructive surgery

Google Reviews

Read our dentist reviews, ratings and testimonials.  

Preventative Dentistry

Get trusted dental care for you and your family, with our trained dentists at your service.

Dental Implants

Prevent long term dental problems, with timely implants and add a highlight to your smile.

Family Dentists

At Dr. Al Martinez & Dr. Shayne Degen, we offer a range of dental services for the entire family.

Emergency Dental Services

Don’t worry, we offer emergency dental services to bring immediate relief to you and yours.

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